Billable Rights of SEOs and Their Clients


  1. The SEO has a right to receive payment from the client for entire amount contracted. A contract is a contract is a contract. Don’t try to weasel out of it.
  2. The SEO has seo in guk a right not to have to justify to the client payment due in terms of actual time spent on account unless payment is based on an hourly fee. Package priced contract fees are due regardless of time spent provided work outlined in the contract is performed.
  3. The SEO has a right not to put the client’s account on “hold” when requested. A contract is still a contract regardless of your financial seo company situation, business restructuring, etc.
  4. The SEO has a right to charge the client for services that fall outside the scope of the contract. If additional work is requested, expect to pay local seo services for it.
  5. The SEO has a right to collect payment from the client on-time. Seriously, it’s your job to make sure payments are submitted and received no later than the payment due date.
  6. The SEO has a right to charge the client a late payment fee.
  7. The SEO has a right to suspend the client’s account if payment is not received in a timely manner. If you’re not paying, don’t expect work to continue until you’re paid up.
  8. The SEO has a right to undo all work performed for the client due to non-payment. If the SEO fulfills the contract but you’re not paying, you’re stealing time and money from the SEO you hired.
  9. The SEO has a right to seek legal remedies for force payment from the client for services rendered. Still not paying? The courts will work it out.
  10. The SEO has a right to cancel services and refund the client’s money at any time. Don’t be a problem client and you won’t have to worry about getting fired by your SEO.

Billable Rights of the SEO Client


  1. The client has a right to expect the SEO to fulfill contract in full. If you don’t have time to work on the account, refund my money so I can hire someone who does.
  2. The client has a right to know what will be done to his site by the SEO. Don’t give me any nonsense about “proprietary strategies. You’re messing seo reseller with my site, I want to know what you’re doing.
  3. The client has a right to know the SEO tactics to be implemented externally. I’m paying you so tell me what you’re doing for me.
  4. The client has a right not to have their site penalized or thrown out of the search engines due to SEO tactics.
  5. The client has a right to question SEO results and value of the work performed local seo company. If I don’t see results I’ll be asking you why. Maybe I just need you to show me how to see the results.
  6. The client has a right to consult other SEO experts about the value of the work performed.
  7. The client has a right to buy out of the SEO contract at any time. If I don’t want your services anymore, let me pay for the full contract so I can move on.
  8. The client has a right to maintain ownership of all work performed by the SEO. I’m not paying per click, so anything you do with my money is mine to keep.
  9. The client has a right to expect SEO work performed to increase traffic and sales/conversions. If I’m not seeing more sales then I’m not getting my money’s worth.
  10. The client has a right to not have site hijacked, mutilated or destroyed by SEO. I expect quality work for my money.


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